Preview of 'Motion Pictures' Clay Mahn - Opening this April

Clay Mahn's second solo show with the gallery opens this April.

Working out of his Chicago studio, Clay has introduced primary colours into his minimalist compositions.

“My painting is an act of exploring the peculiar, and probing the fundamentals of visual rhythm. I like the idea of working within certain parameters, like painting in monochrome or allowing myself a single minimal gesture.” Clay Mahn

The paintings have become an ever-evolving development of process. As paintings get worked, layered over, and re-conceived, the detritus that accumulates on their edges becomes very much a part of the finished piece. The thin planes present a disorderly history in direct conflict with the manicured and flattened frontal image - a sort of flesh under the facade. 

We are very excited to present this new body of work in April!

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