Micro | Macro: Paintings of Love & Hate

Please join us for the opening on March 7, 6:00pm - 8:00pm.


Micro | Macro: Paintings of Love and Hate
March 7th - April 7th 2019

Melbourne based artist Jordan Kerwick will present his latest body of work in a solo exhibition titled 'Micro | Macro: Paintings of Love and Hate'. 
Largely autobiographical, Kerwick's paintings represent what he deems the duality of his life as a father and an artist. The words "love" and "hate" also draw upon this idea of duality and provide the viewer with a linguistic version of the primary feelings evoked while making the works.
"'Best made plans' and 'intention' are two concepts that have been totally obliterated since becoming a father. Parenthood has split me in two; a father and an artist. As a painter I'm influenced by family surroundings and the love and chaos that is home life (this being the micro element of my work) and my public life as an artist (the macro element of my life). Some paintings feel more tormented than others in their marks and palette, whilst the occasional bursts of colour that exist conjure the feeling of home and love."
Fusing pure abstraction with the formality and tradition of still life, Kerwick brings a beautiful, strange new hybrid to the table. Not only are the works a comment on the merging of genres, they are a comment on the polarities that exist in life beyond the canvas. 

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