TWFINEART welcomes Ricardo Passaporte

TWFINEART is extremely pleased to announce that we will now represent Portuguese powerhouse artist Ricardo Passaporte.

Ricardo Passaporte was born in 1987 and lives and works in Lisbon.

Photo by Nils Muller for Metal Magazine

In his current body of work Ricardo explores the ordinariness of consumerism and the casualness of the brands that surround him. The paintings are executed in a manner that references his background in street art and fashion design, using unconventional materials including spray paints and air brushes.

'Material exploration is not the focus of my practice. However, I do consider new materials and new ways of translating my thoughts depending on the work I’m developing and the idea behind it. But it’s not so much about bringing in unconventional materials rather than creating the right environment to achieve what I envisage.'

In the lead-up to his debut show in July, we have a few works in the stockroom as a pre-cursor. Click to VIEW THE WORKS.


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