Studio visit with Chris Trueman


We recently visited Chris's studio in Claremont, California to preview work for his upcoming show at TWFINEART in July. 

Chris takes theories of digital art and translates them into a physical form in his works. A melding of technology and traditional art. Chris has an alchemical understanding of his mediums, using acrylics, metallic paints, air brush and masking mediums to subtract as much as add to his works, which results in dynamic and intricate forms throughout his paintings. Chris's latest works are primarily painted on Yupo, a non-absorbent synthetic paper mounted on an aluminium board. The smooth surface of the Yupo allows for acrylics, applied with spray, brush and squeegee, to be manipulated in such a way that resembles effects previously only achievable through digital and photographic means. 

Chris is based in Los Angeles where he has an upcoming solo exhibition of his After(image) collection at Edward Cella Art and Architecture from March 23rd until May 4th. His works have been exhibited across the United States in San Francisco, Washington DC and Portland. Internationally his works have been show in Milan, Paris, Berlin and Brisbane. 

His latest and boldest works to date represent Chris's signature style on a large scale. They will be on show in Chris's upcoming show at TWFINEART in July.     

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