Subliminal - Fran O'Neill. Installation Images

We are thrilled to present an incredible new body of work by Fran O'Neill in Subliminal. 

Executed with a confident intensity, O'Neill's latest paintings feel so fresh and modern. Fran's sweeping movements wash the paint across the surface, her marks contained within the edges of the canvases. There is a confidence and a masterful abandon to these paintings that is very compelling. Modern life pushes us to execute things with precision, accuracy and integrity and O'Neill's latest works are a lovely visual metaphor for this state of being.

'Golden Thread' and 'Downpour' feel weighty (architectural even) with the forces of gravity present - no coincidence perhaps that these were painted right after Fran had broken her ankle and a sense of weight was ever present.

Other paintings like Tango feel topographic - with the action penetrating deep below the surface. 'Collision's linear marks pictorially drive towards a point of ascension - the painting is a pinnacle of the show.

Each work has a particular feeling that anchors it within a broader sense of working with circumstance and the artists intuitional navigation through the process of gestural painting.

Regardless of the formal elements though, there is no doubt that O'Neill's trust in her hand is at an all time high.

The show runs through until Dec. 31 2019

Subliminal Fran O'Neill Installation 1

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