Shadowboxing Superego - Matt Sheridan's New Work

Los Angeles artist Matt Sheridan has created a new body of work stemming from two previous paintings exhibited at TWFINEART; Katsuit, Kit and Kaboodle and Walk-in Closet.


Shadowboxing Superego is a looped four-part painting-in-motion that can be played in one consecutive configuration on a vertical video monitor. Alternatively, each of the four parts can be played concurrently on four separate monitors.


View the trailer HERE.


A series of 'digital stills' (left) from each painting-in-motion has also been released in limited edition print. Each print is available in an edition of 3 works with 2 artist proofs. 


View the print collection HERE.





Sheridan's paintings-in-motion generally evolve from an underlying structural 'armature' upon which the detailed animation is built. In the case of Shadowboxing Superego, what was originally intended as the armature turned into the work itself.


While working in the studio Sheridan deemed that the colors and actions chosen and applied as the armature for the work did 'enough on their own'. Proving that less is often more, Sheridan began to treat the armature as the painting-in-motion in-itself. Since the painting-in-motion is essentially a series of 'frames' not unlike a print run undergoing several states of 'print' processes — specifically inversion, desaturation, blur and tiling — Sheridan also decided to pull stills from these four states of process for still image prints and one-off paintings on acrylic sheet.


The title Shadowboxing Superego comes from the dialectical conversation between Sheridan’s thought processes as he makes work.  On one hand, Sheridan adds to the work to make it “do more;” on the other, he realizes that less is more and often, the simpler versions stand on their own.  The “parts 1-4” is also a reference to edited, truncated James Brown singles in which the “fuller” versions loosen up durationally, becoming extended dance workouts while maintaining lean funk textures.  So the title Shadowboxing Superego refers to inner conflict, but also letting go of preconceptions to create conceptual space for action as in the work’s current state. 


For more information on pricing/installation, contact us HERE.



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