Keeping Up With Ed Granger

The amazingly talented New York artist Ed Granger has been extremely busy on multiple new adventures across America. Ed creates murals, paintings and installations that explore geometric forms in patterns of pastels and neon. We had a quick catch up with Ed to hear all about it.

At the beginning of the week, Ed’s solo show Chromaticity opened in Miami and was a huge success and will continue into January next year. With Miami Basel fast approaching in December, Ed will be involved in designing a window display for Paiget, the luxurious Swiss jewellery and watches brand for this event.











Down the beach from the solo show Ed has been working with the Rockwell Group on a mosaic tile wall for the Miami hotel The Moxy. Additionally, while he has been in Miami he has completed murals at the Wynwood Wall.

If you thought Ed’s month couldn’t get any better then think again. In November, Ed will collaborate with Lincoln Motors. We can’t wait to see the result of this collaboration however we know it will be a combination of luxury, style and class.

We have just released a brand new series of Ed's digital creations, each work can be oversized to create a major piece for your wall.

Photos by Ernesto Roman 

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