Kimberly Rowe in Barcelona at The Wool Factory

This month Kimberly Rowe has taken up the position of artist in residence at the Wool Factory in Barcelona run by artist King Farish.

Rowe will work for a month in the Wool Factory in the lead up to her solo show at TWFINEART in June. 'I had expected bright colors in Barcelona. But it's more muted and earthy... There are walls and walls of art covered and repainted, and these are the things that are influencing my work here'.


Inspiration from the streets of Barcelona

Rowe's workspace in The Factory looks like a vast concrete bunker, the perfect location to create large scale works that respond to her experiences and environment.

Returning to canvas for the first time in a while, Kimberly is assembling and working on a body of work painted both on the floor and walls. Spray paint has been a favored medium of Rowe's and with Montana Spray Paint rising to street art dominance in Barcelona in the early 2000's, we are expecting it to feature heavily in the new work!

Stay tuned for more updates in the lead-up to Kimberly's June solo!!


Inside The Factory 

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King Farish says:

Just came across this, thanks for writing about Kimberly’s residency at Wool Factory A.I.R. I hope the show went well amd I look forward to seeing work from the upcoming shows.

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