Habib Farajabadi - Free Form

On May 15th we open our first virtual show and first solo show with Habib Farajabadi (b. 1982).  The gallery will be open for private viewings until we can reopen from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Habib’s paintings are an accumulation of energetic marks that coalesce to form dense, complex masses centralised on larger than human surfaces. These nest-like masses are fused with architectural forms that when combined suggest monolithic cartoonish figures and towering ancient landmarks with a pulsating presence.  

Farajabadi makes no attempt to conceal his process. His scratchy, pendulum-like strokes are fully revealed & layered with vigour while his chalky, earthy colour palette grounds the work in the landscape.

The work is fresh and rooted in the present while carrying on the modernist tradition of Abstract Expressionism and the artistic heritage of civilisations long gone.

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