Scale It Up

The first 6 months of this decade have looked a lot different to what most imagined. Global circumstances have required us to spend more time at home, whilst travelling and external experiences have taken an involuntary backseat. 

This period has shifted the focus from the outward, to the inward, both physically and metaphorically, providing a moment of pause and reflection. What we surround ourselves with, particularly in the home space, has become increasingly important. 

Art has several functions, and the benefits of surrounding oneself with it are countless. When deciding on what piece of art to incorporate into your home, there are many aspects to take into consideration. A good rule of thumb is art first, furniture second. We're likely to sooner update furniture and fittings, over our art.

Often times, scale is overlooked. Of course, logistically, it is considered when figuring out whether the piece will fit in its intended space. Beyond that, scale can play an important role in how both the art and the viewer interact with the environment. 

Art is immersive. Small works create an intimate experience, one that engages predominantly the eye, whilst an oversized piece, due to its scale, has a physical presence that engages the full body. It can be experienced from both up close and afar, and act as a window into an alternate reality. Considering scale in this way opens up questions about how we interact with physical spaces - what scale are we used to, and would something that falls either side of that produce a different, unfamiliar experience?

From a design standpoint, oversized paintings can bridge the gap between the architectural and personal elements of a room. It becomes a focal point, creating an aesthetic language, and influencing the overall mood. An American style, floor to ceiling hang, is a chic and unexpected design choice, wowing when encountered. 

We've compiled a collection of oversized works for your perusal HERE.



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