Entangled - Chris Trueman has Synchronized Openings in Brisbane & Los Angeles

On Friday July 21st, Entangled - Chris Trueman opened on two separate continents. Exactly the same paintings were presented by TWFINEART & Visual Artists Group in a show exploring the ubiquitous nature of imagery in the digital age. 

The dual exhibition process itself is a performative gesture and will serve as a device for amplifying the digital footprint made by the show. By coordinating the efforts of both venues and collaborating individuals the images that are trafficked through various social media platforms will present a seeming impossibility, that the same exhibition happened in two very distant places on the globe with the same work at the same time. The physical locations of the paired venues also draws attention to the date, time zones and space which are all relative to the superposition of observation.

Entangled runs through until August 10th. 

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