Castles Made of Sand - Collaboration

Our latest project ‘Castles Made of Sand’ draws collaborative influence from the New York avant-garde and will fuse the disciplines of ballet (Jack Lister), film (Greg Henderson) and visual art (Matt Sheridan) to create a 21st century hybrid. Using the shifting sand dunes of Moreton Island as our inspiration, our artwork will serve as a metaphor for the modernity of Brisbane City as it rises from the ancient Queensland landscape and solidifies itself as a player in the global cultural arena. DSCN0950



We are engaging 21st Century technology to bring ballet into the modern world, making it accessible and engaging for the digital generation. Drawing inspiration from gaming, cinema and other digital technologies we will metamorphosize the traditional form of dance while staying true to it's roots. Ballet dancer Jack Lister (Queensland Ballet) has developed choreography that explores the alchemy of creating solid foundations from shifting elements and this theme will influence the manner in which Greg Henderson captures the dance on film and the way Matt Sheridan animates the film footage to create the final artwork in motion. Castles Made of Sand

Using Brisbane city as our canvas, we will tailor the piece to dance across the facades of buildings, transforming them inside and out into dynamic artworks. ‘Castles Made of Sand’ will not only embrace multiple artistic disciplines 21st Century style, it will celebrate modern Brisbane and bathe the city in it’s light. These are some behind the scenes photographs from our shoot on Moreton Island taken by Gert Geyer as well as some gallery shots by Greg Henderson of dancers Eleanor Freeman (Queensland Ballet) and Clare Morehen (Queensland Ballet) moving in front of Madroom by Matt Sheridan. These images are representative of the 4th collaborative layer to the artwork involving live performance elements with both the dancers and artist Matt Sheridan live

Castles Made of Sand

The 600 GB of footage captured by Greg Henderson of Eleanor and Clare dancing across the shifting sands of Moreton Island has now been shipped across the Pacific to Matt Sheridan in Los Angeles who will begin Stage 3 - cutting, splicing and animating the film to create the painting in motion. It won't stop there though, over the course of 2015 we will be building layer upon additional layer to the artwork so stay tuned. For more information please email us at or follow us on Instagram: twfineart or connect with us on Facebook: twfineart

Castles Made of Sand

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