Ed Granger for Hermes

Over this summer, Hermes commissioned artist Ed Granger to create a series of bespoke window displays for their flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City.


Ed Granger for Hermes

The finished pieces are absolutely gorgeous and showcase Ed's keen eye for color, pattern and design. Recruiting his architectural training, Ed has completed 4 designs that grace Hermes' stores windows, proving that art and commerce can meet to create something truly wonderful.

For an interview with Ed about the project, visit Whitewall Magazine. The pieces have also been written up in Architectural Digest, Design Scene & Essential Homme Magazine. "I owe an obvious debt to my architectural studies for all of my works. Ultimately, I feel as though architectural spaces and ideas create immersive environments for the viewer to develop a language of their own.

Within the Hermès Vitrine, you find your perceptive language is largely based on which angle you view the windows, changing your perception as you walk from one window to the next. The placement of the floating objects were intended to give you the physical presence of a one-point perspective drawing with a vanishing point, where suddenly inanimate objects have the illusion of movement. Many of the lines that pulsate through the walls are created to distort your understanding of space and depth." Ed Granger in Whitewall Magazine

If you are lucky enough to live in New York, check them out in person. For anyone abroad, you too can own a piece of Ed's work in limited edition - just clisk on the link to Ed's page on our website: Ed Granger in limited edition print.

Ed Granger for Hermes

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