UNLEARN, RELEARN.. REPEAT Installation Images

In our second show at 22 Masters St we are presenting a group show titled Unlearn, Relearn.. Repeat. The exhibition unites artists from multiple continents who are exploring materiality, scale, representation and abstraction in a way that uniquely questions and re-imagines the present known.

We have an entire cannon of art and social history that defines the way we see and categorize what we see. Unlearn, Relearn.. Repeat is inspired by the idea that the ‘truth’ of the time may not necessarily be a truth at all, rather a reflection of the known or familiar. To move forward, it is important to continuously question, to consider and to challenge the status quo.

  • Ricardo Passaporte
  • Jorge Galindo
  • Sami Korkiakoski
  • Taylor A. White
  • Jonni Cheatwood
  • Michael Scoggins

EXHIBITION DATES: July 13 – August 12, 2019

To view the full suite of installation images CLICK HERE


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