TWFINEART ‘Art in Architecture’ Partnership with Altro

TWFINEART ‘Art in Architecture’ Partnership with Altro

In addition to Altro Whiterock Digiclad™’s high degree of customisability and extensive colour and design selection, Altro has teamed up with TWFINEART to present Art in Architecture. In collaboration with the Brisbane contemporary art gallery, Art in Architecture grants designers the unprecedented ability to bring the works of leading domestic and international artists into their high-end residential and commercial projects. Designers can browse TWFINEART’s stockroom online at and schedule an appointment to view their desired works in person and discuss the next steps with a knowledgeable TWFINEART curator. 

The gallery also provides curatorial and art advisory services for designers requiring further guidance through the process of artwork selection or complete customization. Perfect for open ended briefs or those requiring custom art work, the advisory service pairs designers with a senior TWFINEART curator and allows them to assemble – and, if necessary, commission – a collection of work that brings the designer’s vision to life. The partnership opportunity is unique to Altro, and grants designers a truly unmatched opportunity to create inspiring, beautiful spaces that seamlessly marry style, functionality, and quality.

Imagine the possibilities!!

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