Tropical Industrial - Chris Trueman Opens June 7, 2019 at our new space!



'Tropical Industrial'

Opens June 7, 2019 


Our 4th solo exhibition with Chris Trueman will also celebrate the inaugural opening of TWFINEART's new premises at 22 MASTER ST, NEWSTEAD.

In Trueman's newest work he creates paintings that inhabit the space between object and image, between synthetic and natural, between technical and organic. Painting primarily on Yupo, a synthetic paper, whose nonabsorbent surface allows him to remove areas of pigment to paint through additive and subtractive processes he creates complex and difficult to discern spaces in which negative gestural passages expose underlying layers of painted history. The process of removal of paint yields a surface which gives the impression of tactility while paradoxically maintaining little to no texture, the reversed brushstrokes attesting to his hand and evidencing a foregone history while denying the material residue. The paintings at times appear mediated as though through a LCD screen or digital device, yet are rich with depth, light and sheen. 

Drawing from a diverse lexicon of mark making including gestural painting, graffiti, colour field and with deftly nuanced colour palette, these paintings speak to a merger between organic and synthetic, and a cultural sensibility which indulges equally in artificial as the natural. By conceptually appropriating formal vocabularies from various painting traditions he creates visual and physical tensions that amplify the material ambiguity and allude to a synthesis of visual language from high art to pop to urban culture.  

For the grand opening we have collaborated with Chris to release a limited edition T-Shirt (below) and also Gerard's Bistro to create 2 signature cocktails for the evening based on the Tropical Industrial theme. All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Karen Stevenson says:

What a great opening event on Friday night – art, music, cocktails, fashion – loved it all.

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