What We're Listening To: Inspired by Ash Keating's 'Gravity System Response'

One can't help but make the comparison between Keating's colour palette and the ever-changing shades of the sky. The vast canvases, awash with oranges, pinks, and greys, call for subdued sounds that draw you in quietly. The large scale format encourages an immersion that's almost meditative. Tonal ambiguity and complex rhythmic transformations are a thematic thread woven through the playlist, pulling the viewer into the sweeping vistas of the paintings. The tracks are minimal enough to let the works breathe, acting as a medium ground between silence and the noise pollution from the street. 

What We're Listening To: April - Inspired by Briony Barr's 'Eye Music'

“The title of this exhibition has two meanings for me. Eye Music refers not just to my translation of sound into a visual form, but also to the possibility of another iteration of music generated by looking at the artwork; imagined or ‘heard’ by the viewer through their eyes.” Inspired by the...

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