Peek inside the new studio of Marcus Boelen

Marcus Boelen's new studio space in the Tallebudgera Valley is nestled within nature, a serene workspace that draws a strong connection to the natural world.

The new paintings feel fresh, with palettes that seem to draw inspiration from the tones of nature surrounding the studio - the pastels of sunsets, the earthly hues of moss covered rocks & native orchids. The notion of beauty is something that we often associate nature, but nature is two faced, it is also dirty, unforgiving, rough and sometimes merciless. It is this dichotomy that emanates from Marcus' new work.

The colour palette is softer, almost pretty, yet there is dirt. Scratches, muddy footprints, creases and wounds weave between the colour and scar the surface. There is evidence of time, struggle, incident and recovery, the artists hand and the method of creation which adds a sense of darkness to the light.


2019 will see the galleries second solo show with Marcus. Later this year we will announce of exhibition roster for 2019 so stay tuned!!

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Liz says:

I’m so loving these latest works !

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