Matt Sheridan - New Media Art Exhibition 2018 @ CICA Museum

Congratulations to Los Angeles based Matt Sheridan - his work "Matsudo Ebb + Flow" made on residency in Japan at PARADISE AIR in 2017 has been curated into the international exhibition & publication New Media Art 2018, presented by the CICA Museum of South Korea.

Matt is pioneering a genre of painting that is no longer restricted or static, rather dynamic - fusing digital and analog thinking to create a painting-in-motion. Using clean or cluttered interior walls as support, Sheridan's animated swathes of paint oscillate and leap across the surfaces leaving a mesmerizing trail of visual rhythm.

The full suite of Matt Sheridan's paintings-in-motion can be previewed HERE and pricing is available on enquiry.

Turn your space into the support for one of Matt's paintings-in-motion - it's the 21st century. TWFINEART will assist with the set-up and installation of the work.




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