Matt Sheridan - Exchanges for Teneriffe Festival

TWFINEART is excited to announce that the gallery we will be working with artist Matt Sheridan and Jake McLarnon of Expressions Dance Company as principal collaborators for Brisbane's Teneriffe Festival 2017!




On the eve of the festival July 1st, Sheridan will use Teneriffe’s urban environment as a theatre and canvas for a commissioned work titled Exchange(s). In Exchange(s), two triangular constructions thrust into folds and textures, careening through each other,  occasionally exchanging parts as they roll across the facade of the historic London Woolstore. It's triangular sail-shaped forms, rolling movements and trading of shapes spotlights the history of the Teneriffe Wharf as a center of industrial trade and naval defense. Exchange(s) animated tech also celebrates the bright future of interactive trade in Teneriffe, whose converted industrial spaces have become domestic brain trusts of creativity and design.

The title Exchange(s) refers not only to exchanges of form and content that exist within Sheridan's painting-in-motion, but the exchange between physical reality and the virtual reality of the projected animation. During two special performances, Jake McLarnon will exchange movement with Exchange(s) and vice versa. Sheridan is flying in from Los Angeles to live mix animation in response to McLarnon's movement, transforming the festival into a dynamic visual feast of action and reaction where guests will literally become part of the artwork as virtual paint strokes move around and over them. With the flick of a switch, the spectacle will disappear as quickly as it appeared, leaving the historic facade of the London Woolstore totally unaltered.



It will be the first major art installation in the historic neighborhood and it's representative of the progressive precincts drive towards 21st century modernity while embracing it's history! For more information head over to Teneriffe Festival and we hope to see everyone on July 1st for the festivities.




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