Introducing Kimberly Rowe

Introducing Los Angeles Artist Kimberly Rowe

Kimberly Rowe PaintingWe are thrilled to announce that Los Angeles based artist Kimberly Rowe will be joining the TWFINEART roster.

Kimberly's paintings are made intuitively, improvisationally, and with practiced discernment.  They are puzzles of color and rhythm that reveal themselves as she adds and subtracts their history, building them up with layers of varying densities. Rowe will often challenge herself to respond to harsh or unlikely color combinations or difficult compositions, making herself search for results that surprise.  

'I chase paint and compositions around until I can get them to sit long enough for me to catch a glimpse of my paintings' essence while trying not to kill them with complete resolution.  There may be several opportunities to call a painting “done” throughout my process, but if it feels "finished" too soon, I find myself compelled to work back into it in order to take it where it really needs to go.  I aim to find wonder in my own painting, feel drawn to look at it over a sustained period, and sometimes try to figure out how I made it, because the steps aren’t even obvious to me.  I will never know how great a painting can be if I settle for leaving after its first act.  I don't ever want to think to myself later, "What if?. . . it could have been something grander and I stopped short?"

Over the coming month we will be introducing a series of editions made in collaboration with Kimberly and also show casing original works with a solo show to come in 2017.

Kimberly Rowe Studio

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