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TWFINEART have teamed up with Brisbane construction and development company Graya Construction to provide the aesthetic cherry to their exquisite high-end spaces. TWFINEART worked closely with Graya through a process of consultations to select art that creates a personalised living space as art is more than decoration. Art is the feeling that is evoked every time one walks into a space no matter the level of interaction.

At TWFINEART we provide the highest level of experience to assist both first time buyers to avid collectors to select the perfect piece of art for their home or office. We provide an inspection that includes the draft, measure and quote for your desired area in addition to a render of the selected pieces. This illustrates how it will look in your home or office but we do recommend seeing the work in person at our gallery in Fortitude Valley to finalise your selection. 

Do not forget about Art Money! What is Art Money you say? Art Money is the new way to buy art with 10 month, interest free loans available and the easiest 4-step process you will ever come across.


Each artwork displayed on our website has a direct link to Art Money where you can begin the process and be one step closer to owning some amazing art. 

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