Brian Ricci - Opening September 6th

Bryan Ricci is a USA born contemporary fine artist whose work has been exhibited internationally from South Korea to China and is now returning to TWFINEART for his second exhibition in Australia, Harmony in the Key of Linen.

This series continues the artist’s established body of work which documents Ricci’s exploration of both medium and canvas to create ephemeral abstract work which evoke an atmosphere alluding to both deep memory and the process of time’s effect on it. His approach is a combination of formal compositional attitudes towards space within contemporary approaches to material to create work which is both painterly and abstract.

Each work represents a memory or lived experience of the artist and each layer of paint a distortion of that memory over time. After creating the backgrounds first by soaking the linen from the opposite side Ricci combines a gestural and sculptural use of paint in the foreground often with vibrant colours subdued and contrasted to dark vague spaces, evoking the way memories can shift into clarity or fade into the background as they overlap in the finite space of memory represented by the canvas.

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