Rothko in 222 Bowery 1950's

It's quite well known in the art world that Michael Goldberg took over Mark Rothko's Bowery studio back in the 1960's, but until now we had never seen what it actually looked like when Rothko had it. The recent off Broadway Play - RED is set in the studio and way back then it was where Rothko painted the Four Seasons commissions. The red paint that he used remains scattered over the original studio floor. It was a sacred part of the history of the studio and Michael Goldberg avoided (for the most part) dropping his own paint over the areas splattered with what we referred to as the Rothko Red. Stanford University just happens to have images of the studio back then, with Rothko's paintings stacked up around the studio. We had to share them: Rothko in 222 Bowery   Rothko in 222 Bowery

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