11 Days Out!

We've leaked a couple of still frames to give you a sneak-peek of Matt Sheridan's latest painting-in-motion titled Exchange(s), before it's premiere at the Teneriffe Festival July 1st.



The London Woolstore will be the support for the painting-in-motion, with Sheridan using the historical bricks and mortar as the canvas for his projected animation of abstraction. 


In a neighborhood first, the landmark will be transformed with rolling movements and trading shapes inspired by the history of Teneriffe Wharf, a center of industrial trade and naval defense. Exchange(s) animated tech also celebrates the bright future of interactive trade in Teneriffe, whose converted industrial spaces have become domestic brain trusts of creativity and design.



Contemporary dancer Jake McLarnon will be collaborating with Sheridan for two performances throughout the evening. Jake McLaron will move his body within the light of the artwork, exchanging choreography with the painting-in-motion and Sheridan who will be responding with live animation. The two will improvise in a dance of action and reaction, electrifying the the neighborhood!




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