TWFINEART is pleased to announce the opening of The Post Digital Mark, featuring works by Fran O’Neill, Chris Trueman & Carlson Hatton.

EXHIBITION DATES: April 4, 2018–May 3rd, 2018

View installation images HERE

In 20 years digital technologies have significantly altered our reality. Retina displays, generative programming, interactive algorithms and web interconnectivity have added remarkable sophistication to our entertainment, work & communication devices and this technological augmentation has in turn altered our ‘real world’ sense of colour and space.

As digital technology has developed, our lives have become more virtual. Collectively we are perceiving the world through our devices, stripped of objective scale and physicality where our pictorial sensibility is flattened and partially, if not wholly, fabricated.

 It seems natural that this expansion of colour, space and increased technological immersion has, and will continue to impact the language of painting. What does it mean to make a painting in the 21st century? In ‘The Post Digital Mark’ we explore how our digital life has influenced the making of a painting and how painting is still a relevant and an important anchor within the physical world.


The Post Digital Mark