TITLE:             Subliminal

DATES:          Nov 15 – Dec 31, 2019


O’Neill’s recent works aim to achieve a complete sense of painterly abandon. Using her arms and hands as her tools, O’Neill is in direct contact with the surface; her sweeping gestures create luscious, rhythmic marks that are unique extensions of her body.

Limited palettes, silvers, gold’s, deep Indian reds with stark black and whites, touches of turquoise and a transparent gold orange, define this body of work, hinting at the earthly pigments of her homeland. Striations and rhythms, twists and turns hint at digital spaces while firmly rooting the work within the physical world. Colliding and caressing marks are often washed away to reveal the saturation and the essence of the paint. At once dense and vibrant; intimate and grand, these paintings are an accumulation of spontaneous actions traveling through her body in response to changing moods and environments, all occurring beneath her conscious mind.