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2018 Pollock Krasner Grant Awardee Matt Sheridan will present a fresh body of paintings and paintings-in-motion in his upcoming show 'Schemattitudes'.
A Schematic Attitude or 'Schemattitude' exemplifies Sheridan’s recent choice to strip his process down to its core elements by severely limiting his colour palettes and working on raw canvas.  The raw canvas works, which Sheridan refers to as “nudes,” are as defiantly “natural” as his work has previously been “artificial” painted on prepared grounds.
When asked recently what he was doing with abstract painting, Matt Sheridan responded he aims to generate dynamic ranges of noise, movement and feeling while programming limited sets of painterly actions and the constraints they provide into each work. Strokes, splatters, scrapes, folds, “noodles” and sprays are among the delineated repeated elements in his paintings and painting-in-motion animated videos. When combined with specific colour systems, conflicts arise while rematerializing elements of each work onto canvas or into animation from its origin of digital collage.  Dominant qualities of each interaction grouped within each work — whether organic, mechanical, material or design-based — define a meaning reflected in each title.
Schemattitudes. Matt Sheridan