TWFINEART’s limited edition prints are created in collaboration with our artists. The exclusive collection provides a unique opportunity to collect limited edition prints in Australia that are sourced directly from artists of influence in international art hubs like New York City, Los Angeles & Berlin.
When you buy limited edition prints online from our website, we issue you with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the artist. This certificate serves as a Letter of Provenance for the artwork and indicates the specific edition number of the print purchased. In printmaking, an edition refers to the number of prints struck from one plate. Our fine art limited edition prints are created in a fixed number of impressions, with a guarantee that no other impressions will be produced at a later date.
There are several different printmaking processes and in the case of our limited editions, the printing technique or ‘type’ depends on the artist and artwork. The specific print ’type’ is indicated on our website at the foot of each limited edition. In each and every case we use the highest quality presses, archival papers, pigments and inks to ensure that our limited editions are created to museum standard. We also offer a range of framing options for our limited editions; maple, black and white (40mm profile) box frames. Each frame is fitted with a spacer and precision fitted to your artwork of choice. If you would like an alternate finish, we can customize the framing to you suit your taste, all you need to do is click the Contact Us link to get in touch and request a bespoke option.
Limited Edition Prints