FRESH AF / Abstract Figuration

Samuel Bassett, Jonni Cheatwood, Jordan Kerwick, George Raftopoulos, Taylor Anton White


With a stellar line up of international artists, FRESHAF explores contemporary abstraction and its relationship to figuration from a variety of geosocial perspectives. 

In a world full of fake news and clickbait, the works in FRESHAF are exactly that - fresh. Each with their own visual language, Bassett, Kerwick, Cheatwood, Raftopoulos and White, are all exploring how the objective world intersects with the abstract. Combining personal and political narratives, these artists are storytellers, trying to make sense of our increasingly complex world. 

The juxtaposition of images, out of proportion symbols and references to different moments in art history, feels honest and raw, a truer reflection of today's climate. 

What we see is not always what we get.

FRESHAF | Abstract Figuration |