After a challenging, complicated year, we are so excited to present a body of work by New York painter Beth Gilfilen that has been created during and in response to the environment of uncertainty, isolation, loss and hope that we as a collective have endured over the course of the last 12 months. Each painting is a reflection of the challenges we have faced, the new sense of awareness that has resulted and the beauty of the process of traversing life. 

"This body of work comes out of this past year; one heavily indebted to reassessing what I have made and what is important to me in painting. During this time a process of destruction and rebuilding has occurred as I’ve worked back into older works that still spoke to me and others I let go. The title, “Echo Under”, is borrowed from one of these older paintings that I revisited and ultimately made it into the show. 

The passing of days this year have reverberated with uncanny similarity. I have welcomed this monotony, allowing me to delve deeper into the interiority of painting, especially that which comes through the senses and through the body. Making paintings for me is much like finding a tempo; with each percussive mark building and escalating to describe an improvised landscape that mirrors the psyche. With a notational line, I trace remnants of what is felt, building interlocked structures that teeter on the cusp of recognition. This is a spontaneous activity in which the material properties of paint; it’s slipperiness, opacity and viscosity are put into an uneasy tension with legibility. Natural forms are evoked, and I get an ecstatic feeling as they are conflated with the energy of making the work. I am able to enter into a call and response with the unknown that is ultimately embedded in the painting."

Echo Under - Beth Gilfilen