Max Presneill is a Los Angeles based artist and curator, originally from London, UK. As an artist he has shown throughout the world including New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Istanbul, Sydney, Beijing and Tokyo and is represented by Patrick Painter Gallery, Los Angeles, GCC Arte Contemporaneo in Mexico, ICFA in Beijing and Gallery Lara in Tokyo as well as the Durden & Ray collective in Los Angeles. His work has been included in the Istanbul Biennial and the Yokohama Triennial. 

He has exhibited at the Museum Villa Seiz, Germany, alongside Gerhard Richter, Sol LeWitt and Daniel Richter amongst others, Hilger Contemporary in Vienna, and a survey show at the Lancaster Museum of Art titled British Invasion, with David Hockney.

His paintings deal with memory, identity, existential states and the possibility of political action through painting.

Max Presneill