Bryan Ricci graduated from Otis College of Art and Design, earning a MFA in 2012. Ricci currently teaches painting at Santa Monica College and has previously taught at Loyola Marymount University. He has exhibited his work in in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Pennsylvania and internationally in Seoul, Korea,  Xinzheng, China, and Brisbane, Australia. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles presented a solo exhibition of his paintings entitled, “A Closer Look”. His work has been included in a major group exhibition, “Sincerely Yours” at the Torrance Art Museum, as well as numerous art fairs including: Aqua Miami, LA Art Fair and Palm Springs Art Fair. He is represented in Los Angeles by John Wolf Fine Art and TWFINEART in Australia.

Ricci takes a multi-faceted approach in his process; constructing abstract spaces with formal techniques including colour theory, composition, and other classical methodologies. In addition to these more traditional approaches of constructing abstract space, he uses the application of paint as a metaphor for memory. Ricci developed a process of painting on unprimed raw linen with colours created with a mixture of pure vibrant pigment and various binders which allows him to achieve a multitude of surfaces and looks that signify the varying intensities of memory. He starts by staining the back of the linen with transparent pigment to create the first layer then continues to apply layers of paint to each side of the linen using pouring techniques, brooms, scraping tools, and fabrics, building the abstract composition in a manner that parallels the construction of our own history through memory. 

Bryan Ricci