Madroom |P.I.M| Matt Sheridan
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Madroom - Painting in Motion. Edition of 3 + 2 AP (3 editions remaining)

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Single channel painting-in-motion video animation projection, dimensions variable, made live during a VJ set at Fanclub, Matsudo Japan 1/29/15


Exhibited in: live performance MADROOM #2 at Fanclub, Matsudo Japan 1/19/15

Exhibited in: presented as 2 channel painting in motion urban projection, 2 minute loop, dimensions variable at Tokatsu Clinic Mirai, Matsudo Japan 1/31/15     

Curators: Junpei Mori and Shoji Wataru, courtesy of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs/Bunkacho; Matsudo, Chiba, Japan

Exhibited in: Formless to Form (group exhibition)
Curator: Tove Langridge, TWFINEART - Brisbane Australia 31 January 2015 - 1 April 2015


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